Pondering the Fate of Two Innocents and One Villain!

I sit here tonight pondering the sad fate of two innocents and one villain who died yesterday at the Clackamas Town Center mall in Portland.  It is troubling to me that virtually every media account makes reference to how this young man must have been “crazy,” even though we know there is no reliable predictive corollary between mental illness and who the next shooter may be.  

This young 23 year old man with all of his rationale, stole this weapon, brought it to the mall, dressed out in camouflage and mask and started killing people and subsequently himself; this man is a clear 9th Phase Cognitive Aggressor.   Since there are 8 sequential aggressive phases prior to the 9th Phase, it seems to me that someone with proper training could have (should have) identified this individual as a potential risk and engaged him with the Judicious Interview. 

I have repeatedly heard from the media that, “There is no way to get out in front of this kind of horrific act and prevent it,” but we know better.  Could we have caught this?  We will learn over the next several days as more news comes out from those around him in the days and moments leading up to the shooting.  There will be more of these horrific murder/suicides; we really need to get out in front of them.

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