Bullying, How Do We Prevent It?

One of the great dilemmas that we all have with the topic of Bullying is that when we refer to this issue as “Bullying” this presupposes someone already exhibiting bullying behavior.  This encourages people to report individuals perpetrating Bullying behavior, but this does not prevent Bullying, it reacts to it. 

The same dilemma plagues the topic of “Discrimination.”   “Discrimination” presupposes someone is already exhibiting discrimination.  We report it, we do not prevent it!  EEOC reports illustrate that from the date this program was implemented the number of incidents have skyrocketed.  Why? Because we are teaching individuals how to report discrimination, we are not teaching them how to prevent it.

If we want to prevent Bullying, we must get out in front of Bullying behavior, engage effectively and thereby prevent it.  But how?

We have identified an Aggression Continuum through which each aggressor must proceed as aggressive behavior emerges and then moves to more serious levels.   Bullying behavior begins at the 4th phase of this 9 phase Aggression Continuum.  With proper training, it is possible to recognize a person progressing up this aggressive continuum by observing behavior, body language, and communication indicators.   Only when we can recognize the person is on the path to such behavior can an intervention be made before Bullying and other serious aggressive behavior occurs.  In this Aggression Continuum a Bully “verbally attacks the victim’s core identities, turns the victim’s community against his/her victim with malicious intent and/or covertly undermines a victim’s trust relationship with his/her community.”   We can recognize someone moving toward bullying or other serious phases of aggressive behavior by observing their: Behavior, Communication, Interaction, Demeanor, Facial Expression, Tactical Movement, Tactical Clothing and Tactical Articles.  Learn more about this essential training hosted and certified by USF OTIEC with opportunity for acquiring credentials at: http://www.aggressionmanagement.com/USF_OTIECMainPage.html


  1. james warren

    Another excellent essay, John. I am wondering where our culture might be if parents of young chidren were alerted to such a continuum. Early intervention is important, no matter when it begins.

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