James Eagan Holmes: The Judge’s Gag Order Is Leaching Information, As Tidbits Come from Random Sources

An intriguing case to be certain, what did the University of Colorado’s campus-wide threat-assessment team know about James Eagan Holmes and how did they respond to this alleged knowledge.   Due to the Judge’s gag order very little is emerging, yet the ship is leaching information, as tidbits come from random sources.  This morning WPTV Channel 5 in West Palm Beach, Florida reports that the University of Illinois, who accepted James Holmes’ application for admittance to their neuroscience department, has just released a 176-page document to the media.  Holmes who was also accepted to the University of Colorado’s Anschutz campus turned down the University of Illinois’ offer.  What does this mean, not very much?  The article reports that those at the University of Illinois acknowledge that they must rethink their process of acceptance in an attempt to avoid bringing on board another James Holmes!  But how?

They can attempt to profile new students; but by what measure or standard?  It has been our experience that profiling, as a method of identifying the next shooter, fails because anything less than an absolute “probable certainty” cannot be reliably predictive.  As an example, I stated in an earlier post, one study “conducted over a thirteen year period, which reveals that fewer than .2 percent of schizophrenics committed murder.”

You have heard this before but for those, who wish to make their campuses “as safe as possible,” it is worth restating here; the only reliable predictor of a potential shooter is to identify an “emerging” aggressor.  Scientists, who have dedicated their lives to this topic, have stated, we must identify someone “on the path to violence,” or as we would say “identify emerging aggression.”  To learn how we (the Center for Aggression Management) accomplish this, please take 3-minutes and observe our CAPS Impact Movie: www.AggressionManagement.com/movie/

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