James Eagan Holmes: The Judge’s Gag Order Is Leaching Information, As Tidbits Come from Random Sources

An intriguing case to be certain, what did the University of Colorado’s campus-wide threat-assessment team know about James Eagan Holmes and how did they respond to this alleged knowledge.   Due to the Judge’s gag order very little is … [Read more...]

Do the Root Causes of Violence Present a Reliable Predictor of Lethality?

The root causes of violence are often seen as (but not limited to): • Mental illness• Criminal intent• Religious fervor• Political extremism • Stress in the workplace• Domestic challenges• Stress from traumatic experiences The … [Read more...]

Dr. Lynne Fenton notified members of the campus’ Behavioral Evaluation and Threat Assessment team, but no further action was taken

“The University of Colorado Denver psychiatrist seeing accused murderer James Eagan Holmes was so alarmed by his behavior that she notified the campus-wide threat-assessment team that she helped create years before, a source told The Denver Post.” … [Read more...]

The Connection Between the Root Causes of Violence and their Malicious Outcomes

One of the most challenging aspects of “Workplace Aggression and Violence” is that we know the outcomes and we know the usual root causes but how do we determine the link between these causes and their ultimate expressions of violence?  Typical … [Read more...]