James Holmes Sent a Notebook to a Psychiatrist at University of Colorado Describing His Evil Intentions

According to one news report, James Holmes (Movie Massacre in Aurora, Colorado) sent a notebook to a psychiatrist at University of Colorado describing his evil intentions that sat unopened in the mail room from as early as July 12.   I wondered whether this horrific incident would reach back to the University. 

Do they have a Behavioral Intervention Team; if so, did they have James Holmes on their radar?  It should be noted that if the psychiatrist received this notebook, based upon HIPAA Privacy Regulations, if this were deemed a mental health issue, he may not share it with others.  However, if they had Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS), they can and should be discussing “aggressive behavior” in the context of our Aggression Continuum with their Behavioral Intervention Team.   We are still a long way from getting the facts . . .   I look forward to hearing more.

There are so many colleges and universities that are not as safe as they could be and are not prepared to answer a cross-examination by a litigator.  

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