Are you overreacting or, worse yet, underreacting?

In the aftermath of the Movie Massacre by James Holmes, whether we are in higher education or private/public industry; once again, we all becoming acutely aware of our need to protect our perspective constituencies:  students, faculty, staff, … [Read more...]

James Holmes Sent a Notebook to a Psychiatrist at University of Colorado Describing His Evil Intentions

According to one news report, James Holmes (Movie Massacre in Aurora, Colorado) sent a notebook to a psychiatrist at University of Colorado describing his evil intentions that sat unopened in the mail room from as early as July 12.   I … [Read more...]

The Movie Massacre in Aurora, Colorado

It has happened again, the Movie Massacre in Aurora has demonstrated the degree of savagery one human can and will extract on other innocent humans.  I have heard that in the chronicles of American History this horrifying incident ranks as the … [Read more...]