Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS)

We are excited to announce our new website and Critical Aggression Prevention System or CAPS.

Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS)

When it comes to preventing campus and workplace violence, nothing is more important than your threat assessment or behavioral Intervention program. That’s why, whether you’re in charge of a school, hospital or an employer, you probably have a meticulously designed program that engages people to report strange behaviors. The issue with this approach is that you’re left overwhelmed with subjective references that are difficult to evaluate.

But you have a responsibility to follow up, so the question becomes, how do you tell who’s a real threat and who’s just acting strange? Critical Aggression Prevention System (CAPS), is the first and only system that distinguishes between subjective references of aberrant, misconduct, mental illness and objective aggressive/threatening behavior; empowering you to make your campus or workplace as safe as possible.

Profiling and mental health assessments are go-to practices, but studies and news reports of campus and workplace tragedies prove these don’t work.

Without a clear-cut method going forward, you end up over-reacting or worse, under-reacting.

So how do you find a better method; an objective one that proactively detects emerging aggression?  Enabling you to identify the next “red-faced, ready-to-explode” Primal Aggressor or “very lethal,” and too-often-missed, Cognitive Aggressor?  A program based on prevention and effective mitigation, instead of responding and reaction?

There is a better method – and it’s called CAPS from the Center for Aggression Management.

CAPS, or the Critical Aggression Prevention System, is the first and only system empowering you to make your campus or workplace as safe as possible.

Based on years of research into aggressive behavior, CAPS transcends the root causes of violence, focusing on true indicators of emerging aggressive behavior that are present whether the root cause is passion, religious or political fervor, or even mental disorder.

Aggression first observers report potentially aggressive behavior in terms of learned objective indicators. Then, the web-based software platform, The Meter of Emerging Aggression, records, tracks, and objectively evaluates and assesses the level of emerging aggression.

Next, your trained team of Aggression Managers formulates an appropriate intervention, accounting for the level of malicious intent and threat posed by the individual.

Now, instead of reacting, you can proactively engage the aggressor before their Moment of Commitment – that intense, horrific moment when an aggressor acts violently — ensuring your campus or workplace is as safe as possible.

With that peace-of-mind, it’s no wonder so many campuses and workplaces are implementing CAPS.

But let them tell you why:

“We’re able to truly assist and intervene in a timely and appropriate manner. The campus legal counsel is pleased we’re using this training.” VP of Student Affairs of a State University

“The program brought campus departments together to formulate a common dialogue of practices in handling, identifying and preventing aggressive behavior.” Director of Safety and Security of an Urban Community College System

Make your workplace or campus as safe as possible with CAPS from the Center for Aggression Management.

We have just redesigned our website and we encourage you to sign up for one of our complimentary webinar or simply visit our website to learn more:


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