Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) Webinar/Demonstration

Recently, a prominent University President shared with me his biggest nightmare was waking up to hear there had been an active-shooting on his campus. This, he said, keeps him up late at night! I believe this is a nightmare shared by many of his colleagues, and I can’t imagine what could possibly be worse.


Do you have a reliable method of “preventing” a potential shooter on your campus?  Crisis (Emergency) Management reacts to (does not prevent) campus violence.  Monitoring aberrant behavior, misconduct and mental illness are not reliable predictors for identifying the next school shooter.  


Only when you can foresee the precursors to “emerging aggression” can you, with any reliability, get out in front of and prevent a school shooting, or any act of assaultive or violent behavior.  In this live demonstration, we will show you how to reliably prevent aggressive, assaultive, and/or violent behavior. Imagine being able to declare your institution empirically safer than others in your area, causing parents and adult students to prefer learning at your institution?


Experience the Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) Demonstration, learn how this Risk Management System (RMS) can make your campuses quantifiably safer and enhance learning by diminishing aggressive behavior throughout your institution.  Any institution that wishes to prevent the next campus shooting must have CAPS,  a three-part integrated Risk Management System (RMS) that provides campus wide trained observers (First Observers), empirical tracking and recording (Meter of Emerging Aggression and its Longitudinal Tracking) and trained response (Qualified Responders), which focuses on “prevention.”


Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS)
Risk Management System (RMS) 

Free Live Webinar/Demonstration

October 19, 2011 at 3:00 PM EST.


Center for Aggression Management and Awareity have partnered to bring you the Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS), a Risk Management System (RMS)Join John Byrnes from the Center for Aggression Management as well as Rick Shaw and Katie Johnson of Awareity as they demonstrate live how your campus can empirically improve safety and security and provide your students, parents, faculty and staff with peace of mind and an enhanced learning environment.


You can register now for this free CAPS Demonstration Webinar but don’t wait; there is a limit to how many can participate. We recommend you project this webinar/demonstration on screen and share it with all your Behavioral Intervention Team members. Or pass this along to your team members so that they can sign up and evaluate this unique, scalable, affordable and most importantly, effective system.  We offer two dates and times for your convenience.

Live webinar:      Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS)

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When:   October 19, 2011, 3:00 PM EST
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You will learn how to:

  • Apply the Campus Aggression Prevention System in an effective, scalable and defensible manner.

  • Use the Primal and Cognitive Aggression Continua to prevent all forms of aggression, including a shooter

  • Receive anonymous/confidential reports from students, faculty, staff, parents, etc.

  • Identify aggressive body language, behavior, red flags and warning signs to take preventative actions before incidents occur

  • Train your prevention/safety teams and faculty to measure aggression in at-risk individuals

  • Utilize the Meter of Emerging Aggression to analyze an individual’s level of aggression

  • Determine the overall presumption of risk and what actions can be taken to maximize results

  • Connect the dots to ensure at-risk individuals do not fall through the cracks

  • Improve collaboration between counselors, administrators, law enforcement, teams, etc.

  • Track and document all actions taken for legal due diligence and ongoing risk metrics

  • Prevent lawsuits and maintain ongoing compliance with OCR, federal and state requirements

  • Significantly reduce administrative, personnel costs and ongoing awareness and training costs

  • Make your campus empirically safer and enhance student achievement/learning climate

This webinar has limited seating and will fill up quickly, so register early to ensure your seat.

EKU “Vanguard of Campus Safety”

Eastern Kentucky University has implemented the Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) in order to track both primal and cognitive aggression, identify acts of emerging aggression based on an objective scale and then record those acts in a software-based tracking Risk Management System (RMS).


John Byrnes founded the Center for Aggression Management® in 1993 after concluding there were no comprehensive training programs dedicated to preventing aggression in the workplace and schools.  Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS) is based on years of research into aggressive behavior, and the recognition that practical tools to identify, measure, and assess specifically emerging human aggression were necessary. As a result, CAPS is the most effective Risk Management System (RMS) for achieving maximum campus safety and security in a practical, scalable and affordable way.


Rick Shaw, Awareity’s Founder and CEO, has over 25 years of experience managing risks, technology, processes, and people in large and small organizations in multiple sectors.  Rick’s research into escalating safety challenges, regulatory burdens and legal obligations have revealed alarming gaps and disconnects in situational awareness and accountability that prevent individuals from preventing.  Rick is passionate about helping school leaders better understand lessons learned so they can connect the dots and improve ongoing prevention and intervention efforts.



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