Can an Executive Protector Really Prevent an Assassination?

In famed author, Gavin de Becker’s well researched book “Just 2 Seconds,” he chronicles the seconds between an assassin’s “Moment of Commitment” and the Executive Protector’s “Moment of Recognition” and the resulting ability of that Protector to save … [Read more...]

It is not Bullying, it is Aggression!

As long as we address these issues as “bullying,” “conflict resolution,” etc. we will continue to be befuddled by reacting to them and their potential of violence.  “Conflict resolution” presupposed conflict! You are reacting to conflict, not … [Read more...]

Some Clarification May Be in Order

A good friend contacted me last night to share that he felt there was a disconnect (non sequitur) between the stated myth and my opinion.  Some clarification may be in order.  In my blog opinion on Myth #1 of the “5 Myths about Zero … [Read more...]

5 Myths about Zero Tolerance Disciplinary Policies

In a recent Washington Post article, writer Valerie Strauss chronicles The American Psychological Association’s task force researching the effectiveness of zero-tolerance disciplinary policies, “Are Zero Tolerance Policies Effective in the Schools? … [Read more...]

Making College Campuses Safer

A good friend of mine recently took his high school son on a tour of colleges he was thinking of attending. Invariably, when at a parent’s information session, a parent (usually a mother) would ask what the school is doing to ensure a safe … [Read more...]

Campus Aggression Prevention System (CAPS), Identifying Seung-Hui Cho, Shooter at Virginia Tech

I want to take a moment and illustrate the importance of a Risk Management System (RMS) that identifies and records low level aggressive acts because they are often the precursors of more serious and violent acts. The recording is important … [Read more...]