Let’s address the issue of #ViolencePrevention: Part Five: The Solution (Five Part Series)

Why Current Programs Fall Short of Our Expectations: Realizing that there is no absolute prevention or predictability, we have discussed why current methods to prevent the next shooting fall short of our expectations.  In Part One, we discussed … [Read more...]

Let’s address the issue of #ViolencePrevention, Part 4: Probability versus Predictability

Our greatest threat as citizens of any society is the perpetrator of murder/suicide, whether a “Lone Wolf” terrorist or simply an individual who decides to shoot his estranged partner in a public place with a lot of innocent bystanders whose only … [Read more...]

Let’s Address the Issue of #ViolencePrevention,” Part 3

Threat Assessment, does it tell us who the next shooter will be?  There is a complete industry built upon “Threat Assessment,” filled with very competent individuals whose objective is to reduce the probability of another shooter.  As … [Read more...]

Let’s Address the Issue of #ViolencePrevention,” Part 2

“Profiling,” does it tell us who the next shooter will be?  There is no question that profiling offers great value as we narrow down the potential for violence; but is it a reliable predictor of who will be our next shooter?  It is natural … [Read more...]

Let’s Address this Issue of Violence “Prevention,” Part 1

I am very proud to have over 4,600 Linkedin connections; the majority, of which, are security and/or law enforcement professionals.  Over 2,500 of you have been gracious enough to endorse my work.  Now, I would like to take our combined … [Read more...]

It has happened again, a Virginia Tech “Near Miss!”

It has happened again, a Virginia Tech “near miss!” at our second largest university, the University of Central Florida (UCF).  Had it not been for one frightened roommate, who called 911, all other means of detection would have failed.  … [Read more...]

Current methods used to prevent school shooting are failing us!

The shooting yesterday at Lone Star College is the fourth school shooting in the past five weeks, since the massacre at Sand Hook Elementary and three were in higher education.  Could these shooting have been prevented? Beyond the horrific … [Read more...]

Understanding the Primal and Cognitive Aggression Continua (See Graphic Below)

Early in our 18 years to pursue a “prevention” solution to workplace violence, we came to realize that there at two types of aggression, Primal and Cognitive.  Primal Aggression is built upon the primal instincts of fight or flight, fueled by … [Read more...]

Will Focusing On Those With Mental Illness Reliably Predict Who The Next Shooter Will Be?

It has been a week since the horrific shootings in Newtown, CT.  We have heard many in the mental health community demand more funding to address the many mentally ill; as if this might help us better predict the next shooter.  But sadly, … [Read more...]

When silence was broken by “Evil” in the idyllic community of Newtown, Connecticut

We at the Center for Aggression Management are, like the rest of humanity, extremely saddened by the break of silence by “Evil” in the idyllic community of Newtown, Connecticut.  We said that there will be more of these horrific murder/suicides; … [Read more...]